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Some seasons of life are like this, and all moms (working outside the home or not) know it’s hard day-in not to be dramatic–cause it was really it is just about my office decor–right? icon smile Home Office Decor Click HERE to read the article: {Be sure to check out the From elegant art walls to creative ways with paint, here are a dozen ways to spruce up your nest this fall. Eclectic Home Office by Houston Interior Designers & Decorators Amanda Carol Interiors 1. Give your dresser a DIY makeover. This glamorous dresser DIVIDE WORK AND PLAY: Work and pleasure are bound to mix since your office is in your home. So the most important thing is to maintain a boundary within your home, where work begins and ends. Keep a clear distinction to avoid being disturbed by other It’s that time of the year to start thinking about bringing spring into your home! Open the windows and breathe the amazing spring aromas! If you work at home and spend a lot of time in your home office, add a touch of spring to it. The best idea is Nabbing some fabulous home decor while you’re at it aesthetic seen in Kate Spade handbags and jewelry is what you’ll find in their kitchen and office supplies. There’s also an “odds and ends” category filled with fun finds like mustached bottle However, whether your main office is your house, apartment or a cubicle, we’ve got a few items to make your work space feel a lot more like home. 1. Install a Chic Storage Add More Fun Decor You have the storage capability and now it is time to fill .
Looking for something for your home office, or even a different resource for a sitting area or dining room? Try Standard Commercial Interiors on Broadway in Albany. I found some great side chairs that would add some contemporary zip to your dining Are you looking for a new and unique way to spruce up your home or office and give it a more open feel? If so, you should consider installing glass walls or railings in your space. This can provide you with a sleek and modern style that is sure to match We focus so much energy turning a house into a home, we sometimes forget to aim our decorating genius in another notable direction: the office cubicle. Home often expresses who we are, filled as it is with accumulated treasures and trinkets. But skip on .

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