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Create generous storage by maximizing cabinet possibilities, add interest with custom design details and mix materials and Skip the built-in soap dispenser and spray hose. In the galley kitchen Carley designed for Lorena Bow, the only built-in feature My long and narrow kitchen is definitely in need of renovation. I’m hoping to create a totally different look: less galley-like and more friendly to both the user and guests. One thing I have got to change is the layout. I do a great deal of walking when Perhaps the one exception to the work triangle is a galley kitchen — a long, narrow, rectangular room. In this case, designers at, an online site for interior design and architectural advice, suggest installing the sink, oven and fridge on one It’s time to control the chaos, and in its book, “500 Kitchen Ideas: Style, Function & Charm,” Country Fearing upper cabinets would overpower her galley kitchen, this homeowner opted instead for simple white planks and custom brackets set against The galley kitchen of the ‘50s has become obsolete in all According to a study on consumer preferences by Decorá and Kitchen & Bath Design News, dealers rank traditional cabinet styles as the number one choice, followed by transitional, modern In a small galley kitchen, bold color on the ceiling creates a Better Homes & Gardens’ website has lots of ideas. ( If you’re in a rental with limited decorating options, go for color accents like Fiesta ware, rag rugs, a couple .
but gives an edge to this kitchen,” said Tessier. “The galley layout with the peninsula offers multiple work areas and the open shelves lighten up the corner.” BETH WALTERS, spokeswoman for Sun Design, Inc., which has offices in Fairfax County, listed “Ideas readily adopted from America insisted that if kitchens To 21st-century eyes, the room looks like a modest galley kitchen. At 6.2 feet by 11.2 feet, it is an excellent example of an efficient, healthy, early Modern domestic space. The narrow galley kitchen, the horror of today’s host-cum-chef unplanned and inefficient. Not that efficiency in kitchen design hasn’t trickled down to the present. Many of the elements that define today’s kitchen — integrated counters Columnist Tom Walker writes that Roger Shollmier, president of Kitchen Ideas and The Galley has been designing kitchens for 35 years. He understands the territory. That’s how he came to invent the Galley, a superfunctional kitchen workstation. Roger .

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