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(BPT) – Whether you’re staying in place or planning to take advantage of an improving real estate market to sell your home, spring and summer are upgrade seasons. From adding a bathroom to creating an outdoor kitchen, certain improvements pay off for Summertime is wonderful, we all acknowledge that. But with the potential for infinite mosquito bites and unavoidable humidity, al fresco dining isn’t always the most tempting option. Thanks to our friends at, however, we can finally ditch our I was hoping my wife, Jennifer, and son Romey would have come back from the Las Vegas Hardware Show with lots of ideas about tools and saws and drills. But instead of drills, they came back with the latest on grills — and other outdoor food equipment. Serving pieces, bars and ice chests add to the function of an outdoor space. Fully functional Outdoor Kitchens are popular in sections of the country with months of good weather. Such kitchens include barbecues, refrigeration, ice makers, pizza ovens and Come summer, America’s backyards start to sizzle. Tantalizing barbecue smoke wafts through the air, accompanied by the sound of ice tinkling in glasses. That’s the ideal, anyway. If your experience falls short of that, then maybe it’s time to consider Make sure you’re working with a licensed and insured landscape architect or contractor who can provide references. A licensed professional knows what’s needed in terms of permits for running a gas line outdoors, water accommodations for a sink, any special .
At my house, I cook pretty much for one reason: I get hungry. If I didn’t need to eat, and didn’t actually like to eat, I would turn my kitchen into something more interesting like an ice rink or a sky diving arena or a petting zoo, which would all be way It’s quickly becoming the most popular gathering space in the home. And why not? It can come complete with pizza ovens, keg tappers, wine chillers and more. It can be the epicenter for home entertaining. It can be used to store, prep and serve your Outdoor kitchen islands are custom built and shipped to the homeowner ready for installation. This unit sports a gourmet grill with side burners, a stainless steel bar sink and faucet, a built-in cutting board that lifts up for extra storage and electrical You might not find gold in “them there Lamorinda hills,” but you will find some amazing Outdoor Kitchens! These days Outdoor Kitchens are equipped with a variety of fascinating appliances and toys, such as plasma T.V.s , inflatable movie screens, Wii .

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