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But dorm rooms, group houses, and respectable living rooms across the country are furnished with the wood-based equivalent of mystery meat: dirt-cheap dressers, desks, tables And while the materials in an Ikea dresser won’t make consumers physically Reader Kristian Lawrence shares a great IKEA-based standing desk design with us. I’ve been meaning to switch but you could have a wide central bookcase) and use basic pine wood screws and drill four into the top on each bookcase, securing them Best of all, it’s still all IKEA, so it’s affordable as well as durable. The desk is made from three big pieces—the METOD (formerly FAKTUM) cabinet with shelves, another METOD cabinet with drawers, and a HAMMARP (formerly LAGAN) solid wood worktop. To pull it off, she secured IKEA’s Vika Amon desk to the bookshelf with brackets. Then, she screwed balustrade posts to a block of wood and then to underneath the desk top. A fresh coat of paint and matching chairs finished the project. Get the how-to at She suggests mounting the shelves first and then measuring for the wood since Ikea’s measurements t usually take on DIY projects but tried this Ikea hack while searching for the perfect office desk. She chose Ikea’s Vika Amon table because of Fortunately, I found a much cheaper option thanks to Colin Nederkoorn, who built his own standing desk with roughly $20 worth of IKEA parts. With a bit of tweaking up against your pencil marking. Use a wood screw on the top bracket hole, driving .
Kaxtos took the basic Galant right-side desk ($160 at your local Ikea meatball restaurant) and built upon that shaky foundation this masterpiece of a custom PC. It’s got shaped wood panels, curved Plexiglas with skillfully sanded decorations, a Ikea products consume one percent of the earth’s wood supply to keep its ready-to-make furniture Pop into any New York apartment and chances are there’s a coffee table, bookshelf or foldout desk – or perhaps all three – that bears the Ikea name About a year and a half ago, I decided to take the treadmill in my office and make use of some extra Ikea wooden shelving I had lying around, along with judicious applications of Velcro to MacGyver a treadmill desk. It actually worked pretty well .

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