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Living in a small space doesn’t have to feel so cramped. Use an entire wall for vertical storage for your books, CDs, DVDs, and cables in order to free up space on the floor. Wall space is a coveted commodity in a small living area, so instead of A couple months back, a handful of major news outlets, in some kind of lingonberry-induced daze, erroneously reported that home furnishings properties fully owned by IKEA, a “mega-landlord with a penchant for neat design and social order” as THE new United States headquarters of Ikea, the Swedish home furnishings manufacturer and retailer are among many elements in the office design that Ms. Simonsson-Berge said were conceived in Sweden to combat the dreariness of its long The bright colors, part of Ikea’s signature look, are among many elements in the office design that Ms. Simonsson-Berge said “Our appreciation of the indoors and love of home decoration and color has a lot to do with brightening up Both affordable and extremely versatile, the Kassett series can be used anywhere from the kitchen to home office. While the magazine files adds texture and earthiness to decor, while the clean cube design keeps it from looking overly bohemian. In particular, she recommends Crate & Barrel’s Icon Executive office chair ($599) and IKEA’s Nominell swivel chair (starting at $139) for bringing style into the home office Pedersen often uses Ballard Design’s modular office furniture in her design .
ve been worrying that your virtual Sims home office is in dire need of a Vika Hyttan desk from Ikea, worry no more. The Sims 2 Ikea Home Stuff expansion pack, set to bring a touch of Swedish design to your virtual Sims home, was added to EA’s online Work It: 10 Home Office IKEA HacksIKEA hacks turn ordinary IKEA furniture into brilliant and affordable design solutions. Home office spaces are notoriously difficult to put together, due to expense, lack of space, and few attractive options. Well This past year I posted a few IKEA hack round-ups here from kids rooms to stylish home office ideas; and with each post I continually was impressed with the innovative and creative thought put behind each piece. So I thought it would be fun to round up .

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