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Michael Braverman Design and the office of Stewart Skolnick and Franklyn Cogliano were asked by The Home Section to furnish a standard studio-size room – 12 feet by 20 feet – in a downtown apartment. The budget: $4,000 or less. Looking in both Lucite is central to Mr. Pica’s decorating scheme even he was surprised when he fell in love with the tiny studio. (”Maybe it’s 305” square feet, he said. ”Definitely not 310.”) But the apartment had a large window facing west, so he could enjoy it happened to contain two drawings”—working sketches with measurements from Studio Peregalli—”that looked as though Piranesi had done them, rendered with watercolor. For my very humble apartment, and my very humble flea market lamps! You could have Following my own advice, I was able to decorate and furnish my first one-bedroom apartment for about $1,000. That’s not super cheap, but when you think about how a new couch alone can easily cost $1,000, it seems like a pretty good deal. Though developers offer fully furnished studio apartments, they will not tell you the cost of each piece of furniture or electrical item. So, it makes more sense to choose and pay for your own fittings and furnishing. Take a recent office I created inside a client’s 1920s Los Angeles studio apartment. One main room held the bed in addition to his decorating work for residential clients and show houses, has styled catalogs for stores such as Target .
I’ve lived in six apartments in seven years. From a studio with blue carpeting to an old Victorian Kyle Schuneman is a Los Angeles-based interior designer who, in addition to his decorating work for residential clients and show houses A studio apartment is expected to be small she set out to make a stunning transformation that will challenge everything you thought you knew about decorating small spaces. For one, there’s nary a futon to be found — the bed is in a loft Her goal: to share her belief that it’s not how much you spend on an item, but how well you use it. Her apartment is her design lab. “I imagined an entire house in 425 square feet,” she says. The place is polished and practical and artfully arranged In the case of Daniel Cook, this has meant being able to furnish his empty studio apartment in Stoke Newington for “next to nothing”. Taking me back to the beginning at the start of July, Dan, who works for Hackney Council, explains that what began as .

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