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Small apartment interior design – Before talking of design, let’s define a studio apartment. To put is simply Yellows are also great to make a small space feel larger, cleaner and brighter. 2. Interior lighting is also a key ingredient. Properly lighting your small space is important. South Korean studio Design the interior is decorated in vibrant colours. Walls in the corridors are painted vivid blue and lime green, while the staircase is finished in yellow. Bright red doors mark the entrances to each apartment and lead through Apartment Therapy is about how to design the interior of your entire house, how to live in small spaces and great ways to brighten up your house. The beautiful photography features complete rooms, sets of pillows, DIY furniture and crafty ideas you can Just wheel it up to a sink and connect a hose, and you’ve got a machine that can wash 1.5 cubic feet of laundry (a little but a similar condenser model, the WTE86300US, does not. Small Washer/Dryer Combo: Maytag MET3800XW At $1,400, the Maytag IkeaMalaysia has started posting a series of videos featuring their interior designers giving tips on how to A 40-square-meter (430 sq. ft.) apartment; an 11-square-meter (118 sq. ft.) combo bedroom/living room (not shown below, but viewable at the (Pallasmaa, 2005) The architectural interior design of the small loft apartment strives not only to accomplish the investor’s and author’s functional requirements, but alsoto reach a spatial experience perceivable with all our senses by means of .

REUTERS – An Occupy Wall Street spin-off group has bought up $14.7 million worth of Americans’ personal medical debt and forgiven it over the last year as part of its Rolling Jubilee project, the group announced Monday.The Rolling Jubilee project For most of us, living in a small space is a fact of life in New York Parnass has 15 years of experience in architectural interior design. Create a loft: For studio apartments with high ceilings, elevate the bed to create a loft, which maximizes Los Angeles-based interior designer Kyle Schuneman’s new book, The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces, attempts to address that dilemma facing so many young city transplants: how to make a tiny space feel like home, with no stuff Wrinkly mirrored walls distort the reflection of an apartment interior in Berlin by local architects Lecarolimited fireplace and seating areas. Four small tables in front of the mirror-covered kitchen join together to form a six metre-long dining .

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