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Pictures of christmas decorations - The popularization of Father Christmas or Santa Claus has roots that go back 1,000 years in western civilization incorporating some of the earlier aesthetics into their holiday home décor. Some Christmas decorations have rather gruesome origins The holidays are a great time to pull out the old photos and reminisce, but there’s no need to huddle around a dusty album. There are a variety of ways to get them out in the open by making them part of your holiday decorations. And once you’ve YAKIMA, Wash. — A real-life Grinch took aim at a home in West Valley and made off with their Christmas decoration. The family lost their Christmas moose. Duane Castles lives in a nice, quiet neighborhood that doesn’t see much crime. That’s why Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes as mysterious workers get hands on knees, footstools and ladders to decorate the president’s home for the holidays? Well, if you have, Merry Christmas. The White House has released photos and videos of We’re collecting pictures of the decorations you’ll see around southeast Louisiana. To submit, just e-mail your photos to If you’re sending a picture of Christmas lights, please give us an address or street intersection so people can As the Journal reported Friday, corporate holiday decor is big business in the weeks before Christmas — the displays you love and the ones you have grown to loathe. Metropolis will highlight readers’ photos of office decorations. .

Decorating the family Christmas tree is a great way to create a festive atmosphere and encourage togetherness. If Christmas trees are not of interest to you, there are plenty more decorating ideas for the holidays, such as making snowflakes as window CLEVELAND — A Cleveland’s photographer’s well-known images of the city are now Christmas ornaments. While Clevelanders might not recognize Jim Ptacek if they ran into him, they certainly have seen his photos, which for more than 30 years have been The McKay family talks about their decorations. Click on the decorative icons to view videos and photos of their display. Jean and Joe McKay’s yard glows with well over 30 inflatable holiday creatures. There is Santa, rocking back and forth on skis. On the night before Christmas Eve displayed colorful pop art images (including a reindeer by artist Jonathan Fenske) on the TV, and then put colorful items like candy in apothecary jars and brightly colored ornaments on the mantel. .

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