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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — If an interior designer were to ring your doorbell at this very moment and ask to see your bedroom, would you: (a) Take them straight back with no hesitation, or (b) slam the door and run like crazy to make your bed and stash the pile In this high-tech age, where being up to speed with the latest gadgets is something of a status symbol, it might seem odd to create a tech-free zone in one’s home. Yet this is what sleep experts are advocating for the bedroom. “One should stick to the Although it can oftentimes seem frustrating and challenging, planning a small bedroom can be fun (honestly). With the right design tips and techniques, you can turn your snug room into a dreamy retreat. From clever storage solutions to multitasking Flu season is upon us, allergies continue to plague us with chronic nasal congestion that can be a constant struggle that disrupts sleep, especially during the fall and winter when cold and flu season . However, the truth is that maybe it could be the Feel free to break the rules for a room that has several functions We’re told a well-designed master bedroom should be an oasis of romantic calm. It’s also supposed to be the practical place where you store clothing and get a good night’s sleep, and The “Casulo” by designers Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser is a neatly packed box with an entire bedroom suite ready to go. No tools needed and minor assembly required for this IKEA worthy design. The use of styrofoam packing materials has been .
Here are some tips that can help newlyweds to create a space that resonates with their personality A wedding in the family translates to welcoming a new member in the family and also, helping her adjust to the surroundings. The first step to this is Have you ever seen a room and thought, that is what my dream house would look like? We know – we’ve felt the same thing. Whether you’re a country girl, an eclectic chic, or a modern woman, you always want your bedroom style to reflect your inner you. The phrase ‘new year, new you’ has been done to death, so why not pledge a variation on the theme? New Year, new design is the mantra we think you should live by in 2015, and what better place to start than in your bedroom? Our bedrooms are often the You spend a third of your day in your bedroom. It should be a relaxing place you enjoy spending time. Here’s how you can create a beautiful, comfortable bedroom retreat on any budget. Cool Color Palette: I’ve had red bedrooms and I’ve had pale blue .

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