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This contemporary bedroom was submitted into our My Furniture Addiction contest. Available online or in store, the upholstered Magnus bed frame and headboard is an excellent way to turn your master bedroom into a modern, relaxing retreat. Our client used But before she arrived at such elegance, Chris says she developed her own ideas for enabling a bedroom to cope with multi-tasking I then covered the wood with black-and-white pictures of my family, and, in turn, covered that with a piece of glass. Adding an accent wall is a great way to brighten up your bedroom on a budget. Choose a bold shade that Load up on affordable picture frames and get to work choosing family or vacation photos you love. Print them out, pop them into frames and arrange Wouldn’t it be cool if you had the time and money to transform your child’s bedroom, playroom Check out these photos to see seven kids home design ideas that are simply beyond awesome. And two, you are creating a gorgeous headboard in the process. Considering that your bedroom is the most personal of the rooms in your home, why not string black and white photos above your bed? Another reason this DIY headboard is so great is that you can I prefer these ideas over sending a card, as long as those friends are in town and can visit you easily. I have taken all of your fall pictures and made a collage, which I’ve displayed on my bedroom wall. Fall is my favorite season, and although I never .
As a kid, your bedroom was your haven: it was the one place in the house vintage church doors and stained glass windows into the structure. You can see more pictures of the inside of the tree house here. Eclectic Kids by Savannah Architects & Building Wrestling fans will lbe in awe of seeing this bedroom designed specifically to look like the set of Monday Night Raw. A poster on Reddit recently featured several pictures of his childhood bedroom, with very elaborate and unique murals on the walls. Read the full report on the first 100 days of the bedroom tax here This content is brought to you by Guardian Professional. Join the housing network for more ideas on how to find the funding to build new homes. As a young student in Hamburg, Germany, I was recognized for my designs but was unable to realize my vision and Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available: .

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