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With the holiday season fast approaching, it will soon be time to turn your guest bedroom from an excess storage space into lovely, cosy bedroom for family and friends. You want your guest room to feel comfortable and enticing to houseguests, which means Let’s have a little pillow talk today—about decorating bedrooms. I think a bedroom can be one of the hardest spaces to decorate. What do you think? Our first bedroom makeover was definitely harder for me. Or I should say it just didn’t come together as If your bedroom only serves one purpose (to sleep!), it might be time to rethink your decorating scheme. We turned to some of our favorite design bloggers for easy inspiration. Keep reading to discover design tweaks that can transform any bedroom from That’s the time to pick up a good bargain. Just make sure the color, style and size are right for your space and bedroom decor. Bedding plays an important part in establishing an inviting haven. After spending years teaching my children to make their “Quilts can transform the look and feel of your bedroom in an instant. Try reversible quilts so you can refresh your bedroom decor and instantly re-design your entire colour scheme.” Morten Nielsen, from The Bedroom Gallery, said the latest linen trends for hosts. From the invitations and decor to the entertainment and favors, it can be quite an undertaking. Perhaps nowhere is the desire for warm, comfortable living spaces more important than the bedroom. Fortunately, it only takes a few simple tricks to .
The key to a good bedroom decor is a harmonious blend of materials, colours, patterns, and lighting. Natural wood furniture and flooring with soft area rugs offer a com­bination of smooth and fluffy textures, which is always easy on the eyes. You could Houzz recently released the results of its Decorating Trends Survey dining rooms to nearly two-thirds of participants including more seating in their master bedrooms. “I think it all comes down to personalization together with the amount of time Hardwood and carpet are both ideal for bedrooms and living rooms while tile and vinyl work Backed by the power of more than 500 stores Goedecke Paint & Decorating is able to offer the best pricing on all flooring options. With all of the available Bedrooms are private zones. Even for a child The best thing is that children love to feel special, and decorating a room especially for them is always a big success. This week we discuss how to redecorate a girl’s childhood room and transform it .

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