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Here are three smart ideas from William K. Millholland of Case Design/Remodeling for those considering a small-scale renovation project. 1 Facelift on the front of the house. Making a house more attractive from the street is an often overlooked project. Pressbox (Press Release) – If you choose to improve your bathroom you will want to plan on making a run to the near-by hardware depot. It is a good idea to peruse your store of choice’s stock. It may necessitate stopping by, but most merchants maintain a With the cold of winter coming, getting the house and yard prepared will save you money in the long run. (For other ideas on renovations, read Cheap Home Renovations That Pay Off.) Salt Lake County and the Community Development Corp. of Utah on Thursday completed and unveiled their latest Idea House in the western part of the Salt Lake Valley. The newly remodeled home was part of the ongoing Idea House program. KEARNS — Sometimes SAN FRANCISCO — You don’t have to wait for a major home renovation to make your bathroom routine a little more intelligent. From splash-resistant speakers to smart lights and high tech toilets, you can experiment with adding modern touches without (BPT) – With new home trends emerging, it’s an ideal time to collect ideas to inspire your next home improvement plans. Nearly 60 percent of homeowners surveyed by real estate site Zillow plan to complete a home improvement project or room addition by .
A silent monument to the old banking families of Shelby may soon be given a new life. Members of the Banker’s House Foundation hope to make the Banker’s House, located on Lafayette Street, a gift to residents of Shelby and beyond, not just a historical While the snow may be keeping green thumbs at bay, the Des Moines Home and Garden Show is providing visitors with ideas for spring-time home renovations and gardening. The event started Thursday afternoon at the Iowa Events Center downtown. Despite the Home renovations are also extremely fun to work on Focus can bring some wonderful ideas for home renovation like knocking out walls to add space to a room or even going as far as completely renovating your entire house. Paintings are a great way your experience with home renovation and design, and a photo. Good luck! 3750 Inverness Street MLS V1041633 Realtor’s Assessment: “A great option for first time home buyers or investors. With some creative ideas/renos this could be a great home.” .

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