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Wicker Furniture has been with us for centuries, and the term ”wicker” has come to mean woven work in a variety of materials, either natural or manmade. Rattan, willow, fiber, rush, cane, twisted paper and dried grasses are all known as wicker. Pressbox (Press Release) – After the winter is above, people are just too glad to appreciate the outdoors, the fresh air and the sunshine. Nonetheless, with the many diverse types of backyard furniture, locating the very best can be quite challenging. Wicker porch furniture is noted for its durability, but use, inadequate care and weather eventually take their toll. Although valuable antique pieces should be refurbished by professionals, ordinary Wicker Furniture can be refreshed and often repaired by May 01, 2012 Wicker Paradise, a nationally recognized direct importer and seller of rattan and Wicker Furniture, announced the arrival of its new furniture collection, the South Beach Outdoor Wicker Collection. This contemporary furniture collection Putting away the wicker furniture for winter is one of those fall rites of passage, along with raking the leaves and installing the storm windows. But you must store your wicker properly if you want something elegant to sit on while you sip iced tea next It was reported Wednesday in the Banner that a number of residents were the victims of thefts of their lawn and garden furnishings. The reports were filed in the southern portion of Bradley County by Bradley County Sheriff’s Office deputies. According to .

Rattan furniture can either be made with natural materials or with manmade, synthetic fibres. Those with the environment on the brain may assume that natural materials are more eco-friendly than synthetic materials, but this is not always the case. Q. Can you suggest a company that refurbishes rattan furniture? I bought the pieces several years ago at a yard sale. I have cleaned them, but the finish is so worn that it is almost completely gone in spots. I am not interested in doing it myself; I would .

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