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To claim the home-office deduction, or not to claim? That’s a decision millions who work at home are wrestling with now. On the other hand, filing for the deduction is notoriously complex. Several years ago, I spent hours agonizing over the 43-line Form According to data compiled in tax year 2009, more than 4 million Americans claimed the home-office deduction on their tax returns. That’s about 3 percent of the total 140 million returns filed in 2010. The number is likely to increase this year, with Often cited as a “red flag” for audits, the Home Office deduction is in fact a legitimate business deduction with particular importance for certain careers and small business owners. Moreover—from the housing economics perspective—IRS data Having a personal office at home is definitely an obvious trend these days. Some just can’t help but extend their working hours by bringing office stuff in their own, cozy quarters so they could attend to tasks that need to be finished as soon as possible. Home Office and paper management can be tedious if you don’t have an organization system set up from the get-go. Follow these seven tips to keep piles at bay and get your office organized. Every item in your Home Office should have a designated ‘home’ so Working remotely can provide its fair share of distractions. Without your boss around, you might find yourself spending too much time relaxing. While there’s nothing wrong with peace and quiet, too much silence can be isolating and even draining. .
With working from home being the norm for many these days, having a stylised yet functional space for the same is very important. Ruth Dsouza Prabhu offers a look at five home office spaces that cater perfectly to your needs. There are a large number of us Both employees and business owners are eligible to claim the home office deduction if they meet one of two criteria: the home office must either be the main place of business or the taxpayer must regularly and exclusively use the space for business purposes. (CNN)– It’s fun to flip through decor magazines, ogling picture-perfect home offices, dreaming of just how productive one could be in a room like that. But making it happen, even for decorating and organizing enthusiasts, isn’t as easy as turning a page. The closets, shelves, and drawers in my office are full of old Macs and iPhones (as well as even older non-smartphones), keyboards, mice, trackballs, cables and adapters of every description, books about decades-old products, tchotchkes from a hundred .

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