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For the first time ever, my husband and I have a proper guest room. Even better, our new house has a designated “guest wing.” That of course makes it sound fancier than it is, when in reality it is a circa-1960s cinder-block addition of a couple of Pooja room is the most attractive room in the house and every Indian house will have a small room for the idols to preach daily. House owners always keep their pooja room decorative but special decoration ideas for pooja room is required when the festive A big table will be perfect for seating a crowd, but can take up a big chunk of your space. If you’re tight on space, look for a table that starts off small your dining room from family-friendly to party-ready. Wooden chairs offer a clean look, but Across the nation, high school graduates are gearing up for their first semester of college. For many, moving away from home and into the dorms is one of the most exciting steps in this transition, and they can’t wait to start decorating their new digs. The subject of kids’ room decor has been on my mind a lot lately. For my oldest son’s 11th birthday this past summer, we gave him a “new” room, redecorated to reflect his pre-teen sensibilities. A dozen loose ends, though, have kept it an on-going project. It may be small (and shared). But for at least one academic year, for thousands of college students, it’s home. Over generations, the dorm room hasn’t gotten bigger. But the amount of must-have stuff — including technology — that needs to squeeze into .

Two moms started a home design site that specializes in decorating kids rooms, and we love their most recent project: They gave our writer’s baby a nursery. If you’ve ever been faced with decorating a baby’s or kid’s room, you know the feeling: You’re so Calling all college students: There’s only one month of summer– time to start planning your dorm room décor! Sure, you’ll be living in a small shared space, but that just means you need to be creative. Here are some ideas for adding personality to your .

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