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Mr. Rangel, who is the powerful chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said his living arrangements were fair and legal and that he was paying the maximum rent allowed on all four rent-stabilized units, in the Lenox Terrace complex at Last year, Pamela Kelley went to her landlord with a business proposition: She would move out of her rent-controlled apartment in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco if the owner agreed to turn the unit into a vacation rental and pay Each listing on Airbnb has a publicly visible calendar that shows which nights are booked and which nights are available. Using this tool makes it easy to figure out how much money hosts bring in—an invaluable resource when researching where New apartment rentals in Manhattan more than tripled in the third quarter, as landlords offered fewer concessions and tenants sought better deals by moving out sales manager for Van De Velde NV, a Belgium-based maker of lingerie. After moving into his rental apartment in San Francisco, Joshua Nicholas found out the hard way that checking out his apartment manager was just as important as checking out the neighbors. Nicholas expected thin walls and ceilings, but soon The Appraisal wants to know, given comparable prices for apartments in your neighborhood, would you buy your home? Do you have a rent-regulated deal so good that you would never consider buying an apartment? Do you have a rent that is so high .
A rush of buying by foreigners looking to profit from the short-term rental market is one of several factors that have driven up Paris property prices at breakneck speed in recent years to stand as some of the costliest real estate anywhere. Apartment rent in large complexes shot up an average of $141 a month in Rancho Santa Margarita last summer from the year before, the steepest rent hike among Orange County cities, the latest report by apartment tracker RealFacts shows. But the most stable Westwood, home to UCLA, is expensive because thousands of university students drive up the rental prices. And Brentwood, while landlocked, is still home to some of the highest median to affect price fluctuations. The Los Angeles Times The cost of renting a luxury apartment in Hong Kong increased 15 percent this year compared to last—giving Hong Kong the not-so-coveted title of being the most expensive in the world to rent high-end residential property. Renting an unfurnished three .

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