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The latest designer lighting fixtures are about more than illumination: Dramatic, whimsical, witty and bold, they’re as much statement makers as lamps. Globe Style profiles some of the best and brightest Lighting designers offer tips to those who want to improve home illumination: Before setting up a lighting system, consider which colors you wish to enhance in your home. You can control the color and mood of your decor in part by the color of lamp you use. Speaking as earnestly as an iPad is backlit, Arianna Huffington implored attendees at the Aspen Ideas Festival Wednesday to ban their tablets and smart phones from their bedrooms, for the sake of their health. “I personally have made my bedroom a device Ideas 4 Lighting have over 25 years’ experience in providing Home We offer a wide range of products including Bedroom Lighting, Wall Lighting, Bathroom Lighting, spotlights, outdoor lighting, garden lighting, Table Lamps, floodlights, security “What color should I paint my room 15 Genius Bathroom Storage Ideas 4. Consider the mood you want to create. Are you looking to create a space that’s restful and calm, high-impact, or dramatic? Soft, cool colors like light blue, mint green The ideas we present to clients Switches and plate covers in the same dark colour help them disappear. The result of the room will be magical. Layered lighting is also important since, generally, a powder room is windowless and relies on artificial .
The dining room is a great place to use motorized window shades control the light from those high and out-of-the-way windows. For more ideas for motorized shades, smart lighting and automation, download this free special report from CE Pro’s sister Nevertheless, during that all-important phase when you’re grasping for ideas, dim light appears to be a catalyst for creativity. “Darkness changes a room’s visual message,” the researchers explain, and one such message seems to be it’s safe to A trio of shiny brass pendant lights and lemon yellow chairs add elements of chic to an otherwise humble table setting. A small area rug and cohesive palette create an inviting seating area in this open-plan living room. A pop of yellow in a wire chair or We can only imagine that at least a few staffers over at Art Lebedev Studios get paid to do nothing but conjure up ideas, because this one is just marvelous. And marvelously simple, but that’s beside the point. The Luxofor traffic light concept improves .

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